Helping couples

Stimulate and Rejuvenate their Relationship




I am a relationship-sexuality coach who specializes in helping couples stimulate and rejuvenate their relationship. It is very natural for long term relationships to become routine and, the intimacy that was once shared starts to slow down and becomes non-existent as life takes over. The great news is that your relationship can be fun and intimate once again with some rejuvenation and stimulation. I developed the L.I.K.E.S. program to allow couples the opportunity to rejuvenate the Love and Intimacy between each other while learning the art of Kinks, Eroticism, and Seduction. The L.I.K.E.S. program is for ALL long-term couples committed to improving their intimacy and sexuality with each other. In the L.I.K.E.S. Program, I will coach you on how to rejuvenate and stimulate your relationship and we will explore sexuality to enhance and build a deeper bond with your partner. You will learn about the power of communication, trust, and sexual freedom.


Tinley Park, IL